What good is a surveyor?


Plenty! Often overlooked, almost every project needs the professional expertise of a surveyor, even if you are merely putting on an addition. For example, any increase to the building footprint may trigger zoning variance issues. And then there’s increases to the imperious area - most township’s now regulate the treatment of stormwater runoff, and increases to the imperious area always trigger a plan for management, be it dry wells or more.

Want to put up a fence, or do you think your neighbor’s wall is on your property? Only a surveyor can ascertain for sure. This is called a boundary survey. Blue Line Stone Home & Engineering is partnered with numerous surveyors in the area to strategically provide an economical fee. Planning or replacing that ancient septic field? You’ll need a signed and sealed survey in order to submit the engineered plans. With all of the environmental regulation now in play (i.e. NJDEP, NJ Highlands, SESC, Open Spaces, etc.), you will want to know exactly where the limits of your wetlands are, or where the boundary of the flood hazard area lies. These are all examples of why a surveyor is so vital. And of course any site work (like a new retaining wall, driveway, shed, etc.) will all need the physical features of your property shown accurately on a plat. This is called a topography survey, and also includes those pesky underground utility services - you’re going to want to know where your gas line is for obvious explosive reasons.

Typically these surveys range from $600-$2500+ depending on complexity (e.g. lot size, terrain, number of corners, and whatever surprises are written into the deed, such as easements, covenants, common ownership, etc.). Blue Line wants you to be aware that often the services of a surveyor are overlooked; plan accordingly because a delay in obtaining the necessary information, only delays the onset of design engineering.